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Today we wrapped up several key enhancements to our WordPress Menu Manager plug-in that should assist in the implementation and use of the plug-in by non-technical blog users. Many times we have faced tech support issues related to the complexity of making the menu creator work in a vast assortment of WordPress themes by entry level users (those we consider non programmers or designers per se). Although the WP Menu Creator was built initially to assist theme designers, developers and other WordPress professionals in providing exceptional menu control features, individual blogger(s) have demonstrated a substantial interest in implementing this tool in their own sites. From a users perspective given the knowledge they have, it was thought for sure our coders had crossed every “T” and dotted every “i” in making the plug-in easy to use by our target audience. With this new release I think we safely come to such a conclusion which I’ll articulate as I go on.

After hours of tech support, emails, blog posts and discussions, it became clear we really need to include new features in the plug-in to help maximize or should I say broaden the scope of end user friendliness. WordPress, as you may very well know, is the most popular and widely supported blogging solution available anywhere in the world even when compared to popular full blown CMS solutions. Part of its popularity is the ease in which it can be implemented and used by literally any site owner regardless of experience or expertise. When we built this plug-in, we knew that a blog owner would benefit substantially if given the ability to control not only the scope and structure of their navigation elements but the order and frequency in which those elements show on the blog is a feature that can not be understated on any level. With the Menu Creator, blogger(s) have the power to create, organize, and then implement one of the most powerful characteristics of good web design which is to provide “Guided Navigation”. (More on Guided Navigation Later).

This update answers what we came to understand and learn as “still slipping by” for effective implementation by all users. With version 1.0.7 we have implemented new features that provide the menu user with an inventory of code snippets and menu examples, latest updates and news for integration with themes, quick drop in snippets and even video tutorials all accessible from within the WP Menu Creator admin screen. In this release we have also added the Yahoo AJAX Library which will be featured in all our future plugins.

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Paul Eastwood is the CEO of UltimateIDX and founder of it's parent company Blue Fire Group that has been helping Real Estate agents with online marketing for a long time.


  1. Avatar for Paul Farmer
    Paul Farmer  April 4, 2009

    Where do I get the newest version. I could use some code snippets and examples to make my menu horizontal instead of vertical.

    • Avatar for admin
      admin  April 6, 2009

      It will be uploaded Tuesday or Wednesday. We have just a few small edits left to wrap up.

  2. Avatar for Brianna
    Brianna  April 9, 2009

    Just curious if the new version is ready yet. 🙂 Can’t wait!

  3. Avatar for Jared Ritchey
    Jared Ritchey  April 24, 2009

    Yes it is available but I have not published it to WordPress in part because of client work having kept me from updating the code examples. It will be published this weekend.

    Jared Ritchey

  4. Avatar for Andy
    Andy  May 16, 2009

    Are you still working on the WP plugin – EZPro realty etc?
    I have a site that I used that plugin for and as waiting for the plugin to be updated, bug fixes, support etc
    I have left messages in the forums but there doesnt seem to be much activity there.

    I have put my real estate site basically on hold until I decide whether to carry on with the plugin or start from scratch with different software.
    Has the other project been abandoned or is this it?


    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  May 18, 2009

      Yes we are and we just did another update

  5. Avatar for Shadoe
    Shadoe  May 16, 2009

    I keep using the instructions you currently have for the menu and no matter what I do, in the default theme that wordpress has… the menu never shows up. I’ve placed the tag after the tag without being in a and have put it in a in header.php. I’ve put it before the , even before and nothing shows up. Any thoughts? Thank you. I like what I see in the menu… just not getting it to work yet.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  May 18, 2009

      Can you send me the URL where you are trying to use this?

  6. Avatar for PB
    PB  May 28, 2009

    Where do I get the newest version. I could use some conde snippets and examples to make my menu horizonatal instead of vertical.

  7. Avatar for markus
    markus  June 10, 2009

    What I really miss is the possibility only to set the page id, and the menue title is taken from the page/post title

    If this would work you could also develope one menue bar for several languages

    Tools I prefer for language switching in wp are:
    – wp-languages
    – qtranslate

    Or is there any other way to get this rocking?

  8. Avatar for Steve_S
    Steve_S  June 13, 2009

    Very Nice work. I just installed 1.1.5 with WP 2.8

    1) Where are the styles examples? All i can create is a vertical menu and I have looked everywhere for some .css to use?

    2) Where are the code snippets? In the WP Dashbaord all the links lead to a single page on your site.

    Continued best wishes


    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  July 1, 2009

      I’m behind on getting those posted but will have them up by this weekend.


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