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Making a big jump from WP Menu Creator 1.7 to version 2.0 as we have sat on updates for many weeks eagerly awaiting a look at WordPress 2.9 before we committed to anything. I’m happy to say that WP Menu Creator will work with version 2.9 of WordPress.

What new features are in the new Menu Creator?

  • You can add your page or post to a menu while in the WYSWYG editor. Simply select the menu, title it, and publish.
  • A new page / post look-up feature will provide you with an easy way to get the page or post ID while in the Menu Creator panel. No more need to go searching.
  • Better image support for menus that will provide you with quick edit features.
  • The ability to reset the menu ID and the ability to edit the menu name. Requested dozens of times so its going to be a feature.
  • Saving the best for the last, the Menu Creator will have a CSS feature where you can save and edit the CSS for each individual menu.

I’ll post more when it is available.

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Paul Eastwood is the CEO of UltimateIDX and founder of it's parent company Blue Fire Group that has been helping Real Estate agents with online marketing for over 15 years.


  1. Avatar for Leslie
    Leslie  November 9, 2009

    Can’t wait to be able to use this! 🙂

  2. Avatar for Geoff@San Diego Homes
    [email protected] Diego Homes  November 12, 2009

    It sounds like the new Menu Creator will really streamline the process of editing the navigation bars. The version 1.7 has been great for helping me visualize the site structure and easily transfer that vision into the navigation structure. The ability to post to the nav bar directly from the WYSIWYG editor will definitely save time by eliminating an extra step from the process.
    .-= [email protected] Diego Homes´s last blog ..San Diego Luxury Home Foreclosures =-.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  November 12, 2009

      WP Menu Creator was in part a learning process in how best to provide CMS like menu management features to WordPress users. With this new version, there will be little excuse to consider alternative options.

  3. Avatar for watt@cruiser boats for sale
    [email protected] boats for sale  November 25, 2009

    I can’t wait for this I wanna to have try with this. Its sounds very good and effective.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  March 29, 2010

      If interested I’ll email you a copy to test, i still have a few small things I want to tie in.

  4. Avatar for scott mann
    scott mann  December 8, 2009

    v. 1.1.7 doesn’t support Chinese. Can you please fix that? Thanks.

  5. Avatar for dave@home improvements
    [email protected] improvements  December 12, 2009

    I just started using this plugin and I love it, thank you for all your hard work and keeping updated with the upgrades 🙂
    .-= [email protected] improvements´s last blog ..How To Fix a Leaking Faucet =-.

  6. Avatar for chakkravarthi@seo your blog
    [email protected] your blog  December 14, 2009

    I will be waiting for this release and if possible I will review it on my blog too 🙂
    .-= [email protected] your blog´s last blog ..5 Tips On How To Decide On Your Blog’s Niche =-.

  7. Avatar for chakkravarthi@wordpress seo
    [email protected] seo  December 20, 2009

    Sounds interesting to me, because this will be really helpful for me on some of my blogs. I will try to give it a run and see how cool it is. 🙂

    Thanks mate
    .-= [email protected] seo´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  8. Avatar for Edward P. Sager
    Edward P. Sager  January 1, 2010

    I love the idea of being able to use CSS. Is there a potential release date available?

  9. Avatar for Blane@Hollister Ca Homes For Sale
    [email protected] Ca Homes For Sale  January 3, 2010

    I’ve loaded WordPress on my site, but I will have to get some help getting the MLS feed up and running. This sounds promising.
    .-= [email protected] Ca Homes For Sale´s last blog ..More on Selling Hollister Ca Homes =-.

    • Avatar for SEOWolf
      SEOWolf  January 21, 2010

      We have had a lot of REALTORS implement our WordPress Menu Manager. Hope you like it.

      If you need some help with your MLS I think a live Demo of the UltimateIDX will convince you that we have the absolute BEST solution in the market.


  10. Avatar for Ryan@free sat nav
    [email protected] sat nav  February 19, 2010

    I will be implementing this plugin on my new blog to see how it goes.

    Thanks for this!

  11. Avatar for Webdesign Roosendaal
    Webdesign Roosendaal  February 23, 2010

    Hey this sounds great! I’ve got a couple of new websites coming up in WordPress. I’ll be sure to take a look at this plugin for future use. Should certainly come in handy!
    .-= Webdesign Roosendaal´s last blog ..Professionele presentatie bouwbureau Holm de Jong =-.

  12. Avatar for rcain
    rcain  February 24, 2010

    Great plugin, however, I have a slight problem (detailed here – apologies for multiple posts – i though i’d fixed it, but i hadnt).

    when i attempt to access a post or category that doesnt exist, the plugin breaks the site (shows only a portion of raw text from footer.php, missing out all site header and content!).

    i have 4 calls to displayMenu in all – 2 in header.php, 1 in sidebar.php and 1 in footer.php. The second call in header.php seems to be the one that breaks it.

    can you shed any light on this?

    thanks for any help.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  February 26, 2010

      Hey can you please send me the URL to your site so I can see the rendered code.
      Keep in mind too, I have a brand new update I’m releasing this weekend.

  13. Avatar for Rob Morris
    Rob Morris  March 1, 2010

    I have tried to make this work but without details for dummies. It’s almost impossible to make this work. I entered items into my menu. Put the php into my header and got nothing. It’s obvious I didn’t do it right, but there just aren’t enough details or examples. It’s a lot of guess work. Shouldn’t a plug in make things easier?

    I guess everyone assumes that we know exactly what your talking about.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  June 18, 2010

      No they don’t and we acknowledge our docs are sparse. I’m working on docs as the plugin is updated.

  14. Avatar for Nalin
    Nalin  March 4, 2010

    Great Plugin. I’m using your plugin in my latest project but i have little problem. I want to create drop down menu Eg: . i have two levels in this menu. That means when i mouse over the parent link the child links set should appear. I used this code . but it shows whole parent and child list at once.. any way to figure this out?

    Please help

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  March 28, 2010

      If you can send me an email directly via this sites contact form. I’ll fix it then publish the fix here in the blog for others.

  15. Avatar for Ariestee
    Ariestee  March 15, 2010

    Cool! Is this available right now? Can I have free trial using this tool?

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  March 15, 2010

      Yes I just haven’t had time to update it at WordPress. I’ll do that before the day is over.

      • Avatar for Edward Sager
        Edward Sager  March 29, 2010

        Hey Jared,

        Just wondering if you had had time to to update this at WordPress.

        Anxiously awaiting a look at this plug-in,

        • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
          Jared Ritchey  March 29, 2010

          Not yet but if you want to beta test it I’ll send it to you.

  16. Avatar for Edward Sager
    Edward Sager  March 29, 2010

    Would love to beta test.

    Thank you!

  17. Avatar for Ryd
    Ryd  April 1, 2010

    Would love beta test too.
    Can you send me the beta version to my mail? I need it for my current WP project.

    Thanks, very much appreciated.
    Best regards, Ryd.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  June 18, 2010

      I’ll get it posted hopefully by the first of the week for anyone interested.

  18. Avatar for Lisa Cowan
    Lisa Cowan  May 4, 2010

    I’ve installed the plugin, but cannot find the manage link. I’ve probably been sitting at the computer to long to be effective. Please let me know what I am missing.


    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  May 11, 2010

      Send me a contact request and I’ll do it for you.

  19. Avatar for Aaron
    Aaron  May 17, 2010

    would it be possible to get a beta version of this as well? i would love to be able to use the newer version of the menu plugin on my new site.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  May 18, 2010

      Yeah it will be published for download this weekend.

  20. Avatar for Mad Max
    Mad Max  May 27, 2010

    Any news on the upcoming release? Can’t wait any more! ;D

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  June 18, 2010

      Yeah been very busy working on all the plugins but it will be released hopefully this coming week.

  21. Avatar for rob cain
    rob cain  June 2, 2010


    Firstly, really nice plugin. Thanks for this. Domt know why WP havent included something like it in core yet. Couple of suggestions:

    1)I tend to use WP as a CMS rather than simple blog. Consequentially, site taxonomies can get quite complex. In particular, I needed to make your menu-creator plugin (V1.1.6) sensitive, not only to ‘current page’ but also to sub-pages, categories, taxonomies, etc, when setting the ‘current_page_item’ class on the ‘active’ menu item(s).

    I came up with a mod/hack to do this. Thought you might be interested in making it available in your core app. The approach would be quite simple:

    file: menu-creator.lib.php
    function: displayMenuFromItems
    change line from:

    if (is_page($item[“value”])) {

    change line to (something like):

    if (is_page($item[“value”]) || (function_exists(wpmc_is_in_context) && wpmc_is_in_context($item))) {

    …. thus providing a custom application exit (filter) on precisely how and when the currently active menu item is set.

    the user/site developer then has a choice of providing/defining an optional user function, ‘wpmc_is_in_context’ (returning true or false) to determine this, eg. defined within functions.php within theme dir.

    in addition to the above i also added a new field (db, admin and object) called ‘active_context’ (string). this gets passed in item var above and is thus able to further refine pattern matching requirements of the user defined ‘wpmc_is_in_context’ function.

    drop me a line if you’d like further details.

    2) customer had requirement to mix colours (html effects) within menu titles. whilst v1.1.6 just about supports this, it does have problems editing html markup within menu titles, once set up. (to do with wp options stripping, htmlentities, etc). would be nice if it gracefully allowed maintenence of html markup withing menu titles.

    many thanks again, hope these are of some interest/use.

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  June 4, 2010

      Thank you for your comment Rob;
      In version 1.1.9 we have something like this is added in as well as support for WordPress MU.

  22. Avatar for DonnaNJ
    DonnaNJ  June 10, 2010

    I’m trying to use this on this site

    The top row is the original menu…If you hover on history-you see the sub menus.

    the second row the history sub-cats are showing as a third row.

    I think it’s the js for the hover…but I don’t know how to fix it


    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  June 18, 2010

      Something appears to be stripping the closing tags on each list element.

  23. Avatar for Riko@Jimbaran Villas
    [email protected] Villas  June 16, 2010

    Hi, How to make web centre in WYSWYG editor? I used this software but every I make a website, its always lies to the left of the page..thanks

    Looking for Villas in Jimbaran Bali

    • Avatar for Jared Ritchey
      Jared Ritchey  June 18, 2010

      Can you show me so I can take a look and see how to fix for you?


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