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Today, Michael Torbert, the developer of the mega popular All In One SEO WordPress plug-in, announced and released a new CMS enhanced version the plug-in by adding some uniquely important features to CMS structured sites. The new features include better support for WordPress sites that are setup to function more like a mini CMS and the addition of another feature which provides the blogger a toggle option in the All In One SEO settings tab to either use or not use the Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page.

One of the most under utilized features being used with WordPress is the feature that provides a way for WordPress to function more as a CMS (Content Management Solution) combined with the powerful blogging ability as opposed to just a blog. The feature is especially attractive to website owners that want to have all the control and publishing abilities to maintain their site without the overtly complex and lofty functionality of a full blown CMS solution. The UltimateIDX uses this method almost exclusively for our Real Estate website clients in either the UIDX MLS configuration or standard Realtor website development. After completing our latest project for a San Diego Realtor, we had come to discover that duplicate or identical meta keywords and meta description details were being rendered in the two primary landing pages. Those pages were the home page and the blog page. Modification to the All In One SEO plug-in, we were able to come up with a solution that gave us the control we were seeking on a page by page basis regardless of the location or type. Naturally, as we are strong supporters of the Open Source community, we submitted the code and examples to the developer of the All In One SEO.

Working with Michael, we were pleased to be able to contribute to the plug-in and assist in pre release testing the new features in several live sites. Now in any of our future projects we can confidentially continue to use the All In One SEO plug-in to achieve the SEO advantage it provides in our CMS structured WordPress sites as well. Be sure to download the updated version of the plug-in today.

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Paul Eastwood is the CEO of UltimateIDX and founder of it's parent company Blue Fire Group that has been helping Real Estate agents with online marketing for a long time.


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