Leads and contacts

Real Estate CRM Integrated to Your IDX Website

The Leads and Contacts management system is NOT a bolted on 3rd party product! Our Real Estate CRM Lead Management system was built from the ground-up as a fully integrated component of our IDX marketing platform.

Our own proprietary CRM system – called “Leads and Contacts” – lies at the center of the Ultimate IDX marketing platform, helping you track real estate leads coming in from your real estate website and other services (such as Zillow, Realtor.com and via Zapier too).

The UltimateIDX IDX widgets and lead capture systems have all been designed from the start to be fully integrated to our Real Estate CRM.

Collaborate with Clients, Leads and Prospects

Our Real Estate CRM is called Leads and Contacts for a reason! We have created a complete lead management system for real estate professionals with tools that are easy to learn. The inception of Leads and Contacts as an integral part of a website’s IDX and Lead Capture system started in 2003.

By designing our IDX and RETS MLS solutions around our CRM (and by NOT bolting on a third party CRM solution) we have essentially designed from the inside out instead of the outside in.

We appreciate that REALTORS® have busy schedules and little time to learn complicated software  – so everything about our system has been designed to be simple, to expedite the learning process and maximize your time. We give you information immediately and do not make you jump through unnecessary hoops to track and convert your real estate leads.

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Notifications and Alerts

Leads and Contacts CRM is designed to be proactive on your behalf. There are a large selection of notifications and alerts you can choose to receive by email and/or SMS text when key events are triggered – such as a new lead signing up, or a showing request submitted.

Lead Status and Management

Status Icons are used to give you the status of any real estate lead at a glance. You can change the Status Icon on the main lead screen or the details page by simply clicking on the icon and replacing it with the appropriate status change from the pop-up. This is a great reminder, time saver AND your leads can be sorted by the status. While we have a suggested legend for the Status Icons you can make them represent what you think they should be.

Lead Distribution

If you have a Team or Office package then simple rules ensure the right Agent gets the right lead! Team leaders can easily assign leads manually, or Round Robin systems can automate the process of lead distribution too.

Team Dashboard

For team leaders the Team Dashboard provides a full overview of your teams performance, the number of leads assigned and how your team is progressing with follow ups.

Automated Lead Follow Up

When leads register (or get imported), automatic drip email / action plans can be immediately triggered. Campaigns consist of both EMAILS and ACTIONS – so not only is the system automating follow up. but you can also set actions for yourself and / or other team members.

Integration with Your Website

The UltimateIDX Real Estate CRM offers you a UNIQUE way to manage your real estate leads because it is integrated to your website. In other words, all the activity, searches and properties viewed by leads continues to build the lead’s profile, giving you a valuable insight to their needs and wants. Now you can manage real estate leads in the context of their home search activity!


Fast, accurate information is presented in an easy to read view at-a-glance format to highlight new registrations and return visits so you can convert web traffic to sales. It is after all about conversions right? Well then ask yourself if your current IDX provider is giving you the necessary tools to assist you in the conversion ratio that you need to remain viable in today’s marketplace.

The whole purpose of having a custom IDX or RETS MLS solution is to capture, track and convert real estate leads from your website. That is why our Real Estate CRM is an integral part of the UltimateIDX system and no one does it better.