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Hyper Local Web Pages: One of the Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Neighborhood real estate pages are one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies. These webpages drive up SEO, position real estate agents as local experts, and catch niche leads that large listing sites miss. Learn how to build the best hyper local pages on your real estate website and start capturing leads. Plus, check out 10 stellar examples of neighborhood real estate pages.

Why Neighborhood Real Estate Pages Are an Effective Marketing Strategy

  1. SEO: hyper local neighborhood pages are a fantastic ...
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The Best Real Estate Search Tool is Here!

The mission over at Buying Buddy has always been to make real estate businesses more predictable. For the last year or so, Buying Buddy has been cooking up something big to help agents get out of the “feast or famine” cycles. And now, they’ve announced a new real estate search tool! It’s the most detailed and comprehensive real estate search tool out there. And, it’s designed to help make an agents’ sales more predictable.

Best Apps for Real Estate Professionals

We looked at some of the top time- saving and revenue-generating apps for real estate professionals. So get ready to lifehack your way the top with some helpful real estate tech.

KeyMe: Copy & Share Keys (

There are few things as frustrating as trying to do a showing without a key. Or trying to schedule a time with a seller so that you can get a copy. KeyMe is great because all you have to do is take a picture of ...

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Are You Using the Right CRM for Your Business

With so many different CRM options out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for your business. So, what really makes one CRM better than another? The answer is simple: Its ability to meet YOUR needs.

If you want to determine if your CRM is really the right solution for your business, ask yourself the following:

1. Is your CRM helping you solve problems and achieve goals?

The best way to answer this question is to make ...

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Create a Killer Pre-Listing Packet to Win More Listings

The fundamental marketing problem faced by real estate professionals is how to build a relationship with prospective clients. This is because the services provided by Realtors are often seen as intangible and difficult to define. A client makes a judgment and ultimately chooses a specific real estate agent to work with based on either a prior relationship or an experience with that person.

For Buyer Agents, this often starts at an Open House: Meet a potential client, look them in the ...

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Best Real Estate APIs for 2021

Real Estate APIs are powerful tools for real estate web developers and software developers. The right real estate API can increase the marketing power of any website or app. But, having accurate data is key. Real estate market data changes minute-by-minute as new properties are listed, go under contract, and are sold. Mortgage rates are always changing and public records don’t always match updated property details. Not all real estate APIs have reliable data. So, we tracked down the best ...

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How to use Real Estate Infographics to Attract Leads

Many real estate agents struggle to catch the attention of online leads. But few have tried one of the internet’s best kept secrets- real estate infographics. 

Infographics are images that present readers with easy-to-digest knowledge that they can refer to quickly to learn from or make decisions.

These images are fantastic at capturing leads’ attention, driving up SEO, and promoting viral sharing of an agent’s brand. 

The best part is that real estate agents can ...

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Why MLS Listings and Data Accuracy Matter!

Does the MLS matter? Do independent listings change anything? With the rise of independent listings and internet-based listing research, does the MLS still really hold value? The answer is yes! RISMedia recently reported on MLS data accuracy findings.

It turns out that non-MLS listings are hurting the industry and Realtors are the ones paying the price. The research ...

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5 Reasons You Need Real Estate Community Pages

Community pages are adding value to real estate businesses by reaching potential clients before they are ready to buy. Every time a potential client thinks about making a big move, the first place they turn to is the internet. Homebuyers want to know everything about where they are moving and if it will be a good fit. Questions about crime stats, school districts, commutes, cost of living, and what their new life will look like immediately spring to mind. Instead ...

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New Version of UltimateIDX Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the latest version of Ultimate IDX is now available. Here are the highlights:

  • Single integrated IDX and CRM solution – great for Agent websites and teams
  • Advanced IDX using nearly ALL the MLS data fields from your your MLS
  • Mobile responsive
  • IDX WordPress plugin – OR – JavaScript plugin for any website
  • Interactive map with area selection
  • Complete ‘My Account’ services for consumers who can create their own property alerts and save properties
  • Comprehensive CRM system for lead management
  • Full profiling and management ...
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Open Realty 3.3 Menu Management & Addon

Open Realty 3.3 and compatible versions of add-ons are available now. The FREE upgrades are many. Extensive code modernization, bug fixes, and third party library updates are new.  Site owners will enjoy upgraded versions of add-ons  TransparentMAPS and TransparentRETS. Adding and managing links is now easier for site owners. New features include customizable search templates and Twitter compatibility.


What is Open Realty?


Open Realty is an open source application for managing real estate listings.  Transparent Technologies developed the ...

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WordPress Real Estate Plugin Myth

I receive calls and emails daily for a WordPress Real Estate plugin that will magically import data from a MLS database into a WordPress real estate website. That plugin does not exist and never will.

Mission Impossible

There are hundreds of local MLS Boards nationally. Each Board owns and maintains their own data and therefore all have different data fields and formats. So it would be necessary for a developer to develop not 1, but hundreds of plugins. Additionally, most MLS ...

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Real Estate Webmasters Not Worth the Time

Is Real Estate Webmasters Forum Really Worth the Time

From time to time we do check out the Real Estate Webmasters forum just to see if the former Canadian porn webmaster turned Real Estate sales evangelist is slamming UltimateIDX or PREN.

Today I forgot to turn my Fire Fox DoFollow link checker off before I went to the Real Estate Webmasters forum and low an behold I noticed a Member ...

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Content is Still King

It seems as though all new Clients for the UltimateIDX™ all want to know short cuts for ranking well in the three major search engines. The simple truth is there are no short cuts. It takes many months of hard work and dedication to rank well in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

With Search Engine Optimization practices over the past decade I have seen many fads come and go however the only real constant has been good and fresh content. Without fresh ...

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Open Realty Menu Management Addon

This article has been updated, please click here to see it:

I’m pleased to announce that we are in the final hours of production and release of our latest 100% FREE addon titled “OR Menu Creator” for Open Realty. This new, 100% FREE addon will extend the menu management features in Open Realty to a new level by allowing site owners to control what, when, where and how links are added and managed on an Open Realty site.

What is Open Realty?

Open ...

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