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Hyper Local Web Pages: One of the Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Neighborhood real estate pages are one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies. These webpages drive up SEO, position real estate agents as local experts, and catch niche leads that large listing sites miss. Learn how to build the best hyper local pages on your real estate website and start capturing leads. Plus, check out 10 stellar examples of neighborhood real estate pages.

Why Neighborhood Real Estate Pages Are an Effective Marketing Strategy

  1. SEO: hyper local neighborhood pages are a fantastic ...
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The Best Real Estate Search Tool is Here!

The mission over at Buying Buddy has always been to make real estate businesses more predictable. For the last year or so, Buying Buddy has been cooking up something big to help agents get out of the “feast or famine” cycles. And now, they’ve announced a new real estate search tool! It’s the most detailed and comprehensive real estate search tool out there. And, it’s designed to help make an agents’ sales more predictable.

How to Win Over Real Estate Seller Leads

So you have found your real estate seller leads and are ready to set up a listing appointment. The big question is, how do you stand out and win every listing? We are breaking down the ways to win seller leads every time. It really is all about the seller, and we are exploring how to work with every seller and win their listing. 


The greatest gift you can give any seller is your ears. So many articles and seminars ...

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Are You Using the Right CRM for Your Business

With so many different CRM options out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for your business. So, what really makes one CRM better than another? The answer is simple: Its ability to meet YOUR needs.

If you want to determine if your CRM is really the right solution for your business, ask yourself the following:

1. Is your CRM helping you solve problems and achieve goals?

The best way to answer this question is to make ...

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Create a Killer Pre-Listing Packet to Win More Listings

The fundamental marketing problem faced by real estate professionals is how to build a relationship with prospective clients. This is because the services provided by Realtors are often seen as intangible and difficult to define. A client makes a judgment and ultimately chooses a specific real estate agent to work with based on either a prior relationship or an experience with that person.

For Buyer Agents, this often starts at an Open House: Meet a potential client, look them in the ...

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Six Ways to get Real Estate Seller Leads for Free

Real estate seller leads can be purchased online, but research shows that most real estate seller clients come from referrals and relationships. A staggering 63% of sellers find their real estate agent from a referral. So instead of dumping time and money into random online seller leads, there are money-saving and time-saving ways that are more effective for getting real estate seller clients. Check out some of the best ways to get real estate seller leads for free.

1. Relationship ...

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7 More Quick Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents Short on Time

Even when you’re short on time, you still need to market your real estate business. It can feel like a never ending task that you just don’t have time for.

Marketing your real estate business doesn’t have to be complicated, cost a lot, or suck all of your time. We’ve put together seven more easy ideas to help inspire you.

Because in the end, everything is marketing!

1. Make it Easy to Contact You

This should be common knowledge, but it’s not… Make ...

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7 Quick Ways to Market Yourself for Real Estate Agents Short on Time

Marketing yourself as a real estate agent can seem overwhelming. The amount of time it takes to create marketing materials, publish, and promote yourself can seem unrealistic when you already have a million tasks to do. But we have curated the fastest and easiest ways to market yourself and attract leads as a real estate agent. These tips are designed to build relationships with leads and produce an actual ROI.

1. Capture Leads with Niche Landing Pages

Use your IDX to create ...

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How to use Real Estate Infographics to Attract Leads

Many real estate agents struggle to catch the attention of online leads. But few have tried one of the internet’s best kept secrets- real estate infographics. 

Infographics are images that present readers with easy-to-digest knowledge that they can refer to quickly to learn from or make decisions.

These images are fantastic at capturing leads’ attention, driving up SEO, and promoting viral sharing of an agent’s brand. 

The best part is that real estate agents can ...

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The Secret Key to the Best Real Estate Website

We are breaking down the secret key to creating the best real estate website. We are exploring the 5 different types of real estate marketing. And, we list out how they should be reflected on any Realtor’s website. We are also examining the best features for each real estate website. Plus, don’t miss out on the $299 Cyber Monday real estate website sale, from our partner, Blue Fire Sites.

What Kind of Realtor are You?

Before going out and buying a WordPress ...

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5 Reasons You Need Real Estate Community Pages

Community pages are adding value to real estate businesses by reaching potential clients before they are ready to buy. Every time a potential client thinks about making a big move, the first place they turn to is the internet. Homebuyers want to know everything about where they are moving and if it will be a good fit. Questions about crime stats, school districts, commutes, cost of living, and what their new life will look like immediately spring to mind. Instead ...

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4 Types of Social Media Real Estate Agents Should Use: Plus 4 Examples of Agents Who are Crushing It

Realtors are always time crunched. Driving, phone calls, scanning documents, appointments, emails, and open houses fill days that start before sunrise and end well into the night. When free time is non-existent and creating client relationships is crucial, is social media really worth the time? The answer is yes…and no. Social media is completely worth it, if agents are:

  • Consistent in posting
  • Create the right message for the social media platform they are using
  • Create content that both useful and entertaining for readers

Even ...

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Why Write a Real Estate Blog

Writing blog articles can take time and effort, so it’s definitely important that you are clear about why you want to write a blog!

Here are 5 good reasons for writing a Real Estate blog:

Write Articles That People Can Find Via Google and Other Search Engines

A good blog article needs to be focused on something very specific. As a REALTOR® you should definitely be focusing on specific geographic areas. When a blog article discusses a specific topic, the keywords and title ...

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